BTC Customer Service    

BTC Service Provider

To apply for BTC services, please call any of the BTC service centres countrywide. For a residential line, you will be expected to bring your national identity/ Omang card. Expatriates should bring their passports, work and residence permits. For a business line a Certificate of Incorporation will be required. Those who wish to subscribe for a postpaid telephone service will be required to bring a bank statement or pay-slip and will be required to pay a deposit prior to installation. Customers will be notified of the status of their application telephonically.

Service Payment

For a Postpaid customer, a connection fee will be charged in the first bill. Usage will be billed immediately after the line has been connected and tested. Rental charges for the telephone line and telephone instrument/ handset are paid on a monthly basis and the charges will reflect on the bill. The bill should be paid within 30 days of the bill date to avoid disruptions of service. Bills can be paid at any BTC, beMOBILE and Botsnet Offices. Cheques must be crossed and made payable to Botswana Telecommunications Corporation. There will be no change paid out for a cheque. Cheques made out to a third party and endorsed in BTC’s favour will not be acceptable. Any queries should be reported within 30 days of having received the bill to 121, or to your nearest BTC Service Centre.

Pricing Information

Tariffs for our main products and services are included in this phone book. A detailed tariff guide is available from any BTC service centre nationwide, or from our website: BTC reserves the right to change Tariffs; Tariff time and Tariff zone, at any time. In the event of tariff changes, BTC will give due notice and publicize such changes through the media.

Going on Leave

Please ensure that you pay your telephone bills before going on leave to prevent disconnection of service.



Suspension of Service

Any BTC service can be summarily suspended without further notice and without prejudice to BTC’s right to recover any amount that may be due at the time of suspension, if the customer fails to settle the bill within 30 days of the date appearing on the invoice. Failure to receive the bill is not a valid reason for not paying.

Service Disconnection
Customers are required to give BTC at least 30 days notice, in writing, of their request for removal or disconnection. A customer may not dispose of his or her telephone service without prior written approval from BTC. 

Reconnection of Service
If your service has been disconnected, it will only be reconnected after the balance of the account has been cleared. Please inform the cashier that your line was disconnected. This is so you can be connected immediately.

Fault Reporting
BTC operates a 24 hour fault reporting service. Service faults should be reported by dialling our free service number 121 or email Responsibility for reporting telephone faults rests with the customer. The customer should not attempt to repair or modify the equipment nor permit a third party to do so.

Transfer of Service
Customers shall move with their existing service equipment to their new premises, as BTC will not provide new sets. Customers will be charged a full connection fee for the transfer service.

Transfer of service from one customer to another.

Service is provided by BTC to a specific customer. The customer may not transfer service, whether temporarily or permanently to a third party without the prior approval, in writing of BTC. In the event of transfer of the service, either temporarily or permanently, to a third party without prior approval, the customer will remain liable for all the costs and charges arising from the use of the service regardless of whether that  service is used by the customer or a third party.



Changed Numbers

Where it may prove necessary, BTC reserves the right to change telephone numbers.

Insurance of Telecommunication Equipment

Customers are reminded that while the equipment rented to them remains the property of BTC, they are liable for loss or damage of the equipment and circuits on their premises regardless of how this damage is caused.

Please include these as separate items on your insurance policies. The insurance value of any item can be advised upon request.

Identification of BTC Staff

Customers are advised that every BTC employee or BTC representatives authorised to have access to customers’ premises carries a BTC identity card, stating his/ her name and designation, and signed on behalf of BTC. Customers are warned not to allow individuals without proper identification into their properties.

Free Planning Advice

When building or renovating offices, stores, factories or residential property, BTC provides free consultancy services. Experienced staff can advise on all aspects of telecommunications requirements, current and future. Such advice covers cable entry, distribution within the premises and telephone facilities. Customers are encouraged to take advantage of this service and inform BTC of their plans at an early stage.

Attachments to the Telephone Network

Customers should note that attachment of equipment to the telecommunications network is not permitted without prior written approval of Botswana Telecommunications Corporation.

Before Excavating Trenches

Before digging trenches or carrying out any form of excavating on public roads and footpaths, dial 140 to obtain the location of BTC cables and chambers. Anyone damaging BTC plant or equipment will be charged the cost of all repairs.